Palliative Care

At Freivan Support Services, the best quality of care is given to the people we support at all stages of their lives. This is particularly important in our end of life services for people who are not expected to recover. We focus on wellbeing while controlling pain and other symptoms in a comfortable and comforting environment.

Our palliative care services

We offer a range of end of life care services also known as Palliative care to meet the needs of the individuals we support. This includes:

  • Individualised care plans structured around the person
  • Flexible residential and 24 hour nursing care tailored to the needs of the individual
  • Residents and family involvement initiatives
  • High quality and supportive care in a comfortable environment

Holistic package of care

Our experienced staff team work closely with residents, friends and families, carers, GPs and community nurses to provide a holistic package of care. We understand that choosing the right care is an extremely important decision, and we are here to help in any way we can.


Our Supported Living Pathways

Our services are tailored to an individual’s needs. It’s how we can most effectively encourage and empower individuals while providing all the support they need. Every individual’s journey is underpinned by a comprehensive Support and Goal plan that they play an active role in defining.