Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care

Health and social care is a global service sector experiencing very quick change, with new government schemes giving it a higher profile than ever before. These changes and growth imply the increasing demand for multi-skilled and well-trained people. The field of health and social care offers a varied range of career opportunities. As a professional in this sector, based on your interest, training background and experience, you can work in either a clinical, supportive or administrative role.

Diploma in Leadership delivers health support right from the initial care to the rehabilitation process. By creating a close, strong relationship with the medical doctors or specialists they can support the patients and their families to make sure that their complete care requirements are met. The learners need to have strong social skills and well-developed emotional intelligence to be able to tackle the problems of some challenging patients.

So, if you want to improve other people’s quality of life, and looking for a career where you can use your skills and time to make a significant difference in the society, then level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care is the right career option for you. As a professional in the sector of health, social care and children welfare services England, your motive will be to beget positive social changes, support communities, and add to healthier working and living environments.

These qualifications are especially suitable and meant for people providing care in a care home, a private home (someone’s house), or any nursing home. The roles include:

Key workers
Support workers
Personal assistants
Care workers
Mental health care support

Mandatory Units
Mandatory Group A

  • 520 Lead and manage person/child-centred practice
  • 521 Lead and manage person/child-centred practice through independent advocacy

Mandatory Group B

  • 522 Lead and manage effective team performance
  • 523 Lead and manage the quality of service provision to meet legislative, regulatory and organisational requirements
  • 524 Professional practice
  • 525 Lead and manage practice that promotes the safeguarding of individuals
  • 526 Lead and manage health, safety and security in the work setting

You will also be required to complete a number of optional units.  These will be selected based on your specific job role.

Certification Gained

Level 5 Leadership and Management of Health and Social Care: Practice

Benefits of this qualification?

Level 5 Leadership and Management of Health and Social Care: Practice

Completion of this qualification is a maximum of 24 months.