Construction Courses

Freivan Support Services is an accredited training centre for short courses in Construction, Railway and Health Safety & Environment(HSE). We offer both in-depth in house training that establishes trainees with all they need to efficiently handle projects in the construction industry. Our trainers have a minimum of 10 years experience of working in the construction industry and is committed to delivering training to the highest possible standard.

Below are some of the construction courses offered.

H&S in a Construction Environment Level 1 (1 day* CSCS Labourer card course)

Course Details
  • You MUST pass a CSCS Test to apply for your card! This course on its own DOES NOT get you a CSCS Card.
  • This is the new course that was introduced to the CSCS scheme in the summer of 2014.
  • All Laborer CSCS card applicants are now required to pass :
  • 1- a CITB HS&E operatives test (‘CSCS touch-screen/computer test’)
    2- the QCF L1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment training and assessment.
  • We are accredited to deliver both tests/training!
  • We offer both tests and training on THE SAME DAY and at THE SAME VENUE! This will save you time and money as you will not have to miss several days at work.
  • Don’t lose money by taking several days off work! We are approved to deliver both tests at our venues!

Silver package-CSCS Test+Mock tests & 1* day QCF L1 H&S Course

Course Details

This two in one package is ideal for candidates that may need a little more attention/help to pass their CSCS test. It comes with mock tests to ensure you pass your test!

  • What is included?
  • • 1* day QCF L1 H&S in a Construction Environment course
    • CITB HS&E test
    • FREE revision materials
    • CITB Mock tests
    • FREE card application assistance

CITB HS&E Test (‘CSCS touchscreen Test’)

Course Details

We are able to conduct CSCS tests on demand.

  • The Operative test can be booked with voice-overs in the following languages: Bulgarian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Spanish
  • An interpreter can also be requested if assistance is needed for other languages.
  • The Specialist test can be booked with an interpreter, but no pre-recorded voice-overs are available.
  • There is no foreign language assistance available for the Managers and Professionals and Labourer test, as proficiency in English is required in order to pass the test.
  • The Operative test can also be booked with British Sign Language on screen, and a signer can be provided if you need assistance in the other tests.

Fire Safety Marshal Training

Course Details
  • Fire safety training is required for all organisations, and employees such as fire wardens, managers and supervisors must be familiar with workplace fire safety laws and legislation. This introductory Fire Safety Training Course is designed to teach you what procedures need to be in place and how to react professionally in the case of a fire emergency.
  • The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 and the Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010 state that all employers must provide their staff with fire safety training and information. Some of the key fire safety principles you’ll learn are what causes a fire and how to prevent them, complying to safety laws in the workplace, evacuation procedures and housekeeping and maintenance.
  • This CPD accredited course includes expert video material which can be accessed from any device. You’ll receive a certified qualification on successful completion, which is recognised across the UK.

Traffic Marshal/Banksman Course

Course Details
  • Vehicle movements account for the second highest number of deaths on construction sites.
  • This course will equip persons that have vehicle marshalling responsibilities, with the necessary skills for maintaining a safe workplace.
  • It’s an important qualification for people working or looking to work in construction, security, manufacturing, hospitality, parking enforcement or anyone with the responsibility of loading, unloading and movement of vehicles.

First Aid at Work Level 3

Course Details
  • Who is it for?
  • This course is suitable for people aged 16+ who work in high hazard environments such as construction, manufacturing or agriculture.
  • It is also ideal for organisations whose needs assessment identifies a requirement for additional first aid training (e.g. due to having employees with a disability or medical condition).
  • It gives learners the skills and confidence to respond to a range of accidents and first aid emergencies they could encounter in the workplace.
  • Due to Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) requirements, some aspects of this course will differ for Northern Ireland learners .
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Time:09:00-17:00 hrs


Course Details
  • Run over the weekend, this course is for people who have or want the responsibilities for managing staff on construction sites.
  • This course covers relevant legislation for health and safety in a construction environment. It highlights the need for safety procedures and appropriate control and communication to maintain these health and safety standards.
  • By the end of this course, learners should be able to implement health, safety and welfare legislation affecting everyday work.
  • You must be 16+ and bring along valid ID (Passport, Driving license or ID card) and must bring 1 Passport size picture along with National insurance and Proof of address.
  • You must also have a good understanding of spoken and written English.


Course Details
  • This industry-leading course will provide delegates with Site Supervisory responsibilities with the knowledge required to give valuable assistance in safely managing a construction site.
  • This attracts a CITB Short Course Duration Grant at Tier 2, with a value of £70. Please see the Grants and Funding tab for further information.
  • To complete the course you will be required to pass a 25 question multiple-choice exam and gain 18 marks to pass. The minimum entry requirement is a good understanding of spoken and written English.

Manual Handling

Course Details
  • This is a training required for all individuals that will be involved in a wide range of manual handling activities, including lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling or carrying according to the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, as amended in 2002.
  • Description
  • Course Details:
    Duration: 1/2 day
  • Course Requirement:
    Passport ID or Driving License

Manual Handling: Level 2 Award in Safe Moving and Handling

Course Details
  • Duration : 1Day
  • Who is this qualification for?
  • This qualification is aimed at learners who are starting or returning to work or who need specific training in manual handling.  It is also suitable for refresher training.
  • How long will it take?
  • To complete this qualification, learners should expect to undertake 10 hours of guided learning.
  • Topics covered
  • These include reasons for safe manual handling, risk assessments, manual handling equipment and how to apply safe manual handling principles.
  • Assessment method
  • This qualification is assessed by a multiple-choice examination and a practical examination


Course Details
  • This training allows candidates to understand the potential risks of working within confined spaces such as, chambers, vessels or other similar space that is largely enclosed.
  • Description
    Course Details:
    Duration: 1 day
  • Course Requirement:
    Passport ID or Driving License


Course Details
  • Asbestos is a highly hazardous material and poses a great potential health risk for those exposed to the substance. Therefore, under HSE guidelines any individual or contractor involved with asbestos abatement projects must attend an accredited training program and get certified.
  • Description
    Course Details:
    Duration: 4 hours
  • Course Requirement:
    Passport ID or Driving License

Drugs And Alcohol Testing

Course Details
  • Any allegations of drink and drug abuse in the railway industry are of concern. Train Drivers, Guards, Conductors, Shunters, Signallers, Permanent Way workers and all other Safety Critical staff and their employers are subject to the Transport & Works Act which make it is criminal offence for employees to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, additionally employers are bound by law to have procedures in place to prevent this from occurring. It is an offence under section 27 of the act for employees to carry out, and for employers to allow employees to carry out safety critical tasks while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Railway and train operators carry out drug and alcohol testing for selecting or promoting staff to safety critical tasks and after incidents. Random testing is sometimes also undertaken as a deterrent so it is important to have employees available for test, but equally it may defeat the purpose if a warning is given.
  • Drugs and alcohol tests and to issue applicable certificates, which enables all our customers to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of Railway Standard GE/RT8070, Network Rail drug and alcohol policy requirements.
  • We provide a full-range of specialist rail medicals including:
  • Competence Specific Medical Fitness medicals e.g. PTS, COSS, IWA and Signallersand Cross Keepers etc
  • Train Driver and Train Movement
  • Pre-placement
  • Periodic
  • All certification is produced promptly and uploaded onto the Sentinel website or emailed/posted to you.
  • All urine specimens and breath samples are taken by fully trained, experienced Collection Officers under Chain of Custody procedures at our facilities.

Passport ID or Driving License


Course Details
  • This training is designed for those who wish to work in the security industry as door supervisors. It covers the basic knowledge and responsibilities of the occupation as well as a practical demonstration of physical intervention skills, developed to help the operative be effective and safe at work. After this course, candidates can apply for a nationally recognized qualification which enables a door supervisor to obtain a license to practice.
  • Description
    Course Details:
    Duration: 4 days
  • Passport ID And Driving License Or Passport ID And 2 Proof Of Address
  • Passport ID or Driving License