Learning Disabilities                         

A better future for individuals with Learning Disabilities

We take a person-centred approach to caring for individuals with mild, moderate or severe learning disabilities. We’re aware that every individual has specific needs and tailor our service to most effectively support the person under our care.

Individuals with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), for instance, will need a higher level of care and support that usually includes help with mobility, personal care and communication.

Individuals with less severe conditions may need similar help, but whatever the severity of the condition, we concentrate on providing personalised support with an emphasis on empowerment, active participation and an improved quality of life.

We achieve this by encouraging individuals to understand the importance of:

  • Positive risk taking
  • Maintaining their own tenancy
  • Integrating socially with their peers
  • Managing their own finances
  • Developing social and life skills
  • Maintaining and developing healthy relationships
Our Supported Living Pathways

Our services are tailored to an individual’s needs. It’s how we can most effectively encourage and empower individuals while providing all the support they need. Every individual’s journey is underpinned by a comprehensive Support and Goal plan that they play an active role in defining.