COVID19 Statement

Freivan Support Services Ltd is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, candidates their families and our clients. Throughout this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Freivan Support Services Ltd has taken practical steps and implemented robust measures to ensure the welfare of all. We are monitoring the situation daily and are keeping up to date with the latest government and public health guidance. We are encouraging staff to work from home when possible.

Moreover, we are keeping everyone updated on the actions being taken to limit risks of transmission in the workplace. Our sites and workplace are adhering to social distancing regulations, hygiene regulations and signages are in place. Most meetings are held online. Enhanced hygiene practices have been implemented and information about improved hygiene is regularly shared. Daily temperature checks are carried out at the start of work. Non-essential travel by our personnel is discouraged. Employees and candidates have been given information to help them identify symptoms that might be expected if someone contracts the virus. Employees have been advised of the steps to be carried out if they have COVID-19 symptoms at work or outside of work and if they are contacted by Freivan Support Services Ltd in the event that they have been in “close contact” with a suspected COVID-19 case at work. We also have services at hand to deep clean the premises immediately should any potential cases be identified so that our staff are safe, and work can carry on.

Most importantly, we are liaising with our clients, employees and candidates to ensure our work environments are safe!