Challenging Behaviours

Support for people with behaviours that are deemed to be challenging

Behaviour is seen as challenging when it causes harm to the individual, those around them or prevents them from:

  • Engaging in the community due to exhibiting aggressive behaviour
  • Living independently, as their challenging behaviour demands 24-hour support
  • Effectively managing behaviours that are deemed as challenging is a core focus for Freivan Support Services. Many of these behaviours indicate that the individual has needs – a sensory aversion, perhaps or a need to get away from noise or physical contact – but is unable to communicate this in a conventional way.

This can manifest in a number of ways, including:

  • Hurting others (e.g. hair pulling, hitting, head-butting)
  • Self-harm (e.g. head banging, eye poking, hand biting)
  • Destructive behaviours (e.g. throwing things, breaking furniture, tearing things up)
  • Eating inedible objects(e.g. cigarette butts, pen lids, bedding)
  • Other behaviours (e.g. spitting, smearing, repetitive rocking, stripping off, running away)

We introduce strategies to prevent or reduce such behaviour, which include:

  • Attempting to gauge if the person is in pain or bored
  • Employing distraction techniques
  • Supporting positive behaviour
  • Brief interventions
  • Developing communication skills
  • Offering quiet time or space
  • Providing meaningful activities of choice
  • Educating the individual that there are other ways to get what they want
  • Challenging behaviours can be reduced in intensity and frequency with the right strategies in place.

We believe that through providing the right support and helping individuals to gain confidence and new skills amazing outcomes are possible.


Our Supported Living Pathways

Our services are tailored to an individual’s needs. It’s how we can most effectively encourage and empower individuals while providing all the support they need. Every individual’s journey is underpinned by a comprehensive Support and Goal plan that they play an active role in defining.