Support for people with Autism

We provide a range of support for people with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), including Asperger’s Syndrome. No two individuals with ASD are the same and we always complete an initial ‘autism profile’ to enable us to tailor our services to the individual’s particular needs.

This assessment helps us clarify the nuances of the person’s condition – which can vary greatly between individuals – and ensure that we deliver the most appropriate care for that person’s capabilities within the wide range of autism services on offer.


Our tailor-made support plans

We concentrate on providing a tailor-made support plan that will help individuals:

  • Maintain their own tenancy
  • Improve social skills and integration
  • Manage their finances
  • Develop and maintain healthy relationships
  • Engage effectively with the community
  • Engage in sensory activities

A Multidisciplinary Approach

We believe that multidisciplinary approach is the most effective way to provide appropriate support. It means working closely with other professionals, including GPs, medical professionals, speech and language therapists, social workers and other service providers.

It helps ensure that every support programme matches the individual’s specific needs and will take into account:

  • What is important to the individual
  • What kind of life they would like
  • What they want to change
  • What they would like to achieve
  • What they are going to do
  • How they would like to be supported
  • The number of support hours to be provided each week


Our Supported Living Pathways

Our services are tailored to an individual’s needs. It’s how we can most effectively encourage and empower individuals while providing all the support they need. Every individual’s journey is underpinned by a comprehensive Support and Goal plan that they play an active role in defining.