10 Years of Quality Service in Recruitment

We are proud to say that we are a leading recruitment agency and training provider in Barking and Dagenham. We have been grown our business to operate from a unite work force to a tangible quality work force working for us every day. As one of the top care agencies, we are unique in our commitment to delivering the highest quality service through placing the best staff who are QCF (NVQ) qualified in the Healthcare Industry.

What We Offer

Care Home Recruitment

We offer professional placement services to companies and individuals requiring competent caregivers within the UK.

Healthcare Training

We offer regular monthly training courses on caregiving, elderly care and assistance amongst others. We are duly accreedited.

Construction Courses

Freivan Support services is licensed to offer accredited construction training courses required for individuals who want to work in the industry.

What Clients Are Saying

Hank Richards

“FreIvan helped me get the right courses to be able to get work as a Healthcare Assistant at a reputable NHS hospital. Now I feel I am making a valuable contribution......Thank you FreIvan.”

Brian Keith

Security Personnel

“Having a young family, it's hard to work regular hours because of school and childcare commitment. FreIvan helped me get regular security work so I could take work and earn money while considering my family's needs.”

Michelle Moyer

Care Giver

“After getting my NVQ qualification in healthcare FreIvan Support Services got me a very good job where I have been able to advance my career and have been trained effectively to look at considering a career in Nursing.”

Awards & Licenses

We Keep Our Clients Satisfied

Ideal Support Services in Health Support Placement and Trainings