FreIvan Site Railway

FreIvan Site Railway

FreIvan is the right choice, we are totally driven by your success, supporting you every step of the way towards gaining your qualification. The people who choose us enjoy their learning experience, you might be an individual seeking personal progression and development or a multi-national organisation. We have the expertise, resources and flexibility to deliver a complete professional service.


Gaining your Small Tools Certification will open up a variety of employment opportunities to progress in your career, it’s generally a requirement to be certificated on all Railway and Construction sites.

The Railway has an excellent safety record with a focus on training, so you can progress and take higher-level courses. Many people take a temporary job on the Railway but end up staying within the rail industry for the rest of their careers. For the next 10 years, the government has released a huge amount of money to maintain and enhance the rail network. The first phase of the High Speed 2 project has created an additional 16,000 PTS jobs.

We pride ourselves on our learners’ success, our metrics for success are based on the achievement of the people and companies we work with. It has taken us many years to build this reputation, only the very best trainers, advisors, mentors and industry experts get the opportunity to work with us.

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